Catch me live on Airtalk KPCC as we discuss this interesting legal and business question involving plant based, vegan offerings and restaurant owner rights.

Vegan Options

Vegans and plant based practiotioners, are you tired of looking for plant-based protein at concerts and public venues? Paul Koretz might have your answer.

The L.A. City Councilman introduced a motion on Tuesday that would require public venues to provide vegans witha protein food option.

The ordinance would require some private spaces like large-scale entertainment venues, movie theaters and sports stadiums to offer at least one “vegan protein entree food option.”

It would also require L.A. World Airports, which operates LAX, to study the feasibility of putting a vegan restaurant in every terminal, and of having all other restaurants in the airport offer at least one vegan protein entree.

Koretz was inspired by the rising number of vegans in Los Angeles — and by grim predictions about climate change.

“We only have a few years to dramatically drop our greenhouse gas production and production of beef items, especially, generates so much methane. Without reducing our beef consumption, it’s going to be very difficult for us to reduce climate change,” he says…