With over 100,000 miles clocked in 2015 and this year already gearing up to be more of the same, I am continually asked for travel tips and advice. Those that know me also know that meticulous planning is not one of my strongest suits. I can, however, share 5 must-have travel essentials that have served me well during my trips. Keep in mind that my travel is primarily for business so two of these five items would probably be absolutely useless for the hiker, camper or those looking to backpack their way across the globe.

Tumi Alpha 2 Tri-Fold Carry-on Garment Bag

I think it’s the third greatest travel invention behind the stage coach and the airplane. I can say without a doubt I would be lost without it. It’s Tumi so you know it is well built with ballistic nylon, reinforced everywhere and pretty much looks the same as the day I got it. It fits two full suits, two dress shirts, and I usually squeeze a pair of jeans in the main compartment also. It has a zipper cover and tie downs which will keep everything organized and also claims wrinkle-guard technology; all I can say is…it works! There are two large pockets on one side which remind me of Doctor Who’s TARDIS in that they fit way more than meets the eye. There is also an extra large flat side pocket which fits my laptop comfortably and provides extremely easy access to it especially while jumping on and off planes. I could go on about this item for hours but just go buy one for about $500; it will change the way you travel!

Joy Mangano Portable Steamer

I know I just got finished extolling the virtues of the wrinkle-guard technology with my Tumi garment bag. While I stand by its effectiveness, this little wonder guarantees that you’re always looking super fresh. Granted it could be poor technique on my part, but I want to add that nothing I iron ever looks clean and wrinkle free! In fact, my shirts always end up looking just as wrinkly as when I started. This steamer Is compact, works very well and will run you just around $30. Full steam ahead!


I never ever travel without sunscreen. We can no longer ignore the increasing incidents of skin cancer and the accelerated aging that occurs from sun exposure. This doesn’t only apply to those summer vacations or travels to sun-drenched locations. It’s a scientific fact that a significant percentage of the sun’s rays can penetrate even thick clouds on those seemingly harmless overcast days. Have a long drive from the airport to your destination? You’ll be exposed from the rays reflecting off your windshield and dashboard too! (Don’t forget good sunglasses to boot). Right now I’m loving Jack Black sunscreen. Its oil-free, lightweight and reasonably priced at about $10 for the travel size (remember, 3oz and under). Go ahead smother it on your 80-year old self!

Noise-canceling Headphones

Having trouble sleeping on those long flights? Try some Dre Beats noise-cancelling headphones. They have done wonders for my traveling sleep cycle. Half of the time I don’t even have anything being played through them but they’re comfortable and truly do a wonderful job keeping out the majority of external sounds. I’ve also noticed that slipping on the headphones acts as a deterrent to the chatty passenger next to you (who missed your subtle hints that you’re not interested in discussing the upcoming election).




Recycled air, close proximity to hundreds of people and confined spaces sounds like the start of a contagion movie but unfortunately it’s the reality of air travel. The majority of the time I’m traveling, I hardly get any rest and once those wheels touch land, I have to hit the ground running and cannot afford to be slowed down by some pesky virus. Enter into the scene: Emergen-C. I don’t know what the scientific findings are here but these glorious, fizzy little Vitamin-C dense packets keep me feeling fit, and give me a burst of caffeine-free energy without the crash. They’re best mixed with chilled water to the tune of 8oz which is precisely what they serve on any airline. I usually pack a full box of Emergen-C and drink 3-4 throughout the day with a bottle of water.

Next time you travel pack these 5 items they will help you show up looking sharp, feeling rested and ready for biz-nas!